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Forcing browsers to print all pages in grayscale

With Chrome 18 CSS3 filters are finally implemented and you can do amazing stuff with them. One thing we tried and which we found rather useful than fancy is to force Chrome printing all content on your website in grayscale.

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Of mice and touches

Unbelievable, but true: Imagine you bought a new Windows Phone 7 (e.g. Nokia Lumia or Samsung Omnia) with "Mango" on it and try to get your mobile web app running, you will be really surprised when finding out, that there's no touch event available.

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Robust (but hacky) way of portrait / landĀ­scape detection

On mobile devices it's pretty easy (and in some cases also pretty cool) to change the look of your website respectively to the orientation of your device with media queries. However, sometimes the orientation does not only affect your layout, but also the routines of your Javascript.

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HTML5 Audio on mobile devices

HTML5 Audio on desktop browsers is a mess. But you haven't experienced true pain and suffering until you try to get HTML5 audio done on mobile devices. This article is a follow-up to my talk at the Barcamp in Salzburg in March and was inspired by Chris Heilmans tweets on that topic a few days ago.

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