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TypeScript: Mapped types for type maps

Factory functions are a popular tool in JavaScript to create a diversity of objects with a single call. There’s a particular factory function that you might have used at some point:

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JAMStack vs serverless web apps

JAMStack seems to be one of the most trending topics right now. So are serverless web apps. Hot and loved! I’ve seen some tweets, articles and even live presentations just this week that talk about JAMStack and serverless web apps as if they are the same. For good reason. In an ideal scenario, serverless web apps and JAMStack sites/apps are indistinguishable.

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The Unsung Benefits of JAMStack Sites

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TypeScript: Ambient modules for Webpack loaders

When you work on modern JS apps you most likely use Webpack. Webpack always looked like a very complicated build tool to me, until I realised that it’s nothing but a JavaScript bundler. A JavaScript bundler that allows you to bundle everything! CSS, Markdown, SVGs, JPEGs, you name. It exists and helps the web, you can bundle it.

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My most favourite talks in 2018

It’s that time of the year again! For the fourth time in a row, I’m sharing my most favourite conference talks of the year! And again I found some incredible gems that I can’t wait to share with you!

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TypeScript and React Guide: Added a new context chapter

React’s context API has be slumbering inside for a while. With one of the latest releases, they decide to open this API to everybody. It’s very nice to use if you like render props. If not, there’s always the new hooks API that makes it even easier.

TypeScript works amazingly well with context. You don’t need to provide any type definitions at all. Only in some edge cases.

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TypeScript: Built-in generic types

TypeScript comes with a ton of built in generic types that ease your development workflow. Here’s a list of all built-in generic types, with examples!

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TypeScript: Type predicates

Type predicates in TypeScript help you narrowing down your types based on conditionals. They’re similar to type guards, but work on functions. They way the work is, if a function returns true, change the type of the paramter to something more useful.

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JSX is syntactic sugar

If you follow me you know that I’m super late to the React game. It was not until functional components showed up that I got really interested in the framework. I just loved the idea of having everything wrapped in an easy function rather than needing to navigate up and down a class to get everything together. One thing that put me off in the beginning though was JSX. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Every time I talk to people about my newly found React love, this point comes up constantly.

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TypeScript and React Guide: Added a new hooks chapter

Hooks are a new feature in React that I personally find pretty exciting. Shortly after their release in React 16.7., people started developing TypeScript typings via DefinitelyTyped. They’re pretty good, as you don’t have to do much to get all the type safety you need. I put together a little list of things to consider for all hook types in my TypeScript + React guide.

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