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My most favorite talks in 2016

Let’s make this a tradition! I love to watch conference talks. Be it live or on tape. And just like last year I try to collect the talks that I loved most. I know, since I started organising Script I began seeing conference talks differently. However, those are the ones I put my attendee-hat on. And let’s be honest: A good organiser needs to do that! So enjoy my list of talks I enjoyed most in 2016.

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Script'17 JavaScript conference

After years of attending conferences and gathering lots of impressions from around the world, my buddy Sebastian and I decided to do our own thing. We call it Script’17, and aim to provide an exciting, caring and inspiring JavaScript event for everybody. If you’re interested, go ahead and check it out!

PortoTechHub 2016

I rarely talk about attending or speaking at conferences, but sometimes you just have to point out some extraordinary events.

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Using a Static Site Generator at Scale

I’m so incredibly happy to have my first article published on Smashing Magazine. It’s a 6000 word long story about how we managed to bring roughly 2000 pages on a technology stack made for hackers. It took me roughly four years to find a story that I’m eager enough to pursue, but in the end I think it totally paid off. Working with Smashing Magazine, especially Vitaly and Iris, was a complete joy! Thank you again for the professional and friendly work experience!

So everyone, enjoy the read and let me know what you think!

Video and Slides to: Speed Index, Explained!

I gave a talk on the beloved “Speed Index” metric at this year’s Topconf in Tallinn. I managed to put the video on Youtube, for all of you to enjoy:

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Topconf Linz 2016 is a wrap

So, Linz has a software conference. One that’s supposed to stay. I think it’s about time. Linz has a wonderful IT community, with lots of great companies and so many schools and universities specialised for software development. Except for the short-lived movement (spanning, Codefront and Railsgirls in 2014), as well as some Linuxwochen now and then, I hardly can remember any full-fledged Software conference. So hey, we finally got one!

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Tales from the Browser Wars: Mozilla Stomps IE

Recently I did some “The History of the web” talks for various institutions. While preparing the story to tell, I remembered one specific tale from 1997. It was a tale from the first browser wars, when Microsoft battled Netscape for world browser domination.

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You can extend CoffeeScript classes with ES6 classes

TL;DR: If you want to extend from CoffeeScript written classes, you can use the ES6 class syntax to do so.

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The best thing about NPM scripts

TL;DR: NPM Scripts render global installations of NPM command line tools useless.

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Gulp and Promises

The Gulp task system does not only work with streams alone, but also with other asynchronous patterns. One of those are well known Promises! Find out how we can use two Promise-based tools to create a thorough file sync between two folders.

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