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Gulp and Promises

The Gulp task system does not only work with streams alone, but also with other asynchronous patterns. One of those are well known Promises! Find out how we can use two Promise-based tools to create a thorough file sync between two folders.

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My most favorite talks in 2015

I enjoy being at conferences, however I can’t be on all of them. Which is sad, because judging from all the videos one misses a lot! Turns out, my most favorite talks were all from conferences I haven’t been to. The organizers however are kind enough to provide amazing videos for us:

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Gulp: Grab files from your CDN and add them to your build pipeline

This one is a shorty, but that’s what it makes it so nice. Imagine that you have only one dependency in your project, which is some third party library your code builds upon, like jQuery. Instead of having the complete dependency management stack on your shoulders, you just want to use that single file.

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Gulp 4: The new task execution system - gulp.parallel and gulp.series

One of the major changes in Gulp 4 is the new task execution system. In this article, I want to show you what’s new and how you can migrate the best.

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Stay focused with Webmonitoring (

Another article I wrote for the blog over at my employer. When we switched our login from a purely JavaScript based to a progressively enhanced one, we ended up in some deployment mistakes. This was how our tool recognized those errors and what it meant for us. Read it over at Ruxit

Node.js 4.0.0 and Gulp first aid

Node.js 4.0.0 just got released! The jump from 0.12.x to 4.0 is a huge one, especially since it incorporates lots of changes that happened over at the IO.js project. So far, I haven’t experienced a lot of issues with it, and it quickly became the one version that I use as default on my system. However, there are some hickups here and there. Here I try to collect some issues with Gulp.js and first aid solutions. There are few and they might be out of date quickly.

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Gulp 4: Incremental builds with gulp.lastRun

Incremental builds are a good way of speeding up your build iterations. Instead of building everything again with each and every iteration, you just process the files that have changed.

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Gulp 4: Passthrough source streams

Another nice addition to vinyl-fs that will end up in Gulp 4 is the possibility of having “passthrough” source streams. This basically allows gulp.src to be writable. So what does this mean for you?

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JavaScript 101: Arrays

This was the first contribution I’ve ever made at GitHub, belonging to the original website. The original article is now offline, but saved here for the future.

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Gulp 4: Built-in Sourcemaps

One really cool feature on the Gulp 4 roadmap is the inclusion of native sourcemaps. A commit roughly two weeks ago at the vinyl-fs package makes this possible now. Instead of using the gulp-sourcemaps package directly, you can use a flag in gulp.src. Gulp takes care of the rest:

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