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Running an on-demand PHP server with BrowserSync and Grunt/Gulp

Quite a while ago I wrote a little article on connect middleware and how to run PHP with it. While the article was originally intended to introduce the concept of connect middlewares to the Grunt audience, I get a lot of feedback on the PHP part. Which was actually broken by design. So, if you’re search for a real on-demand PHP server in your Grunt or Gulp setup, and have all the livereload goodness you know from your connect server, proceed:

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Revisiting LESS

Back in 2011 when we started using preprocessors at our company the decision fell very quick to LESS. The reasons for that where mannifold:

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Frontend-Tooling Workshop in March - Slides inside

I happen to hold my third iteration of the “Frontend Tooling with Grunt and Yeoman” workshop at this years JavaScript Days in March. It’s in Munich, so if you happen to be bear this lovely town, drop by and learn a lot about different JavaScript technologies.

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My contribution to Christoph Rumpel's "10 things that will make you a better developer"

Slides and notes to: Introduction to Yeoman

A few weeks ago I did a short talk on Yeoman at the Linzer edition of Codeweek and how it helps us in our daily workflow. For the first time I tried to have some sort of script, and afterwards I even made notes. So aside from funny images, you even can read what I was talking about. Have fun!

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Making Open Source

No tutorials or tech guides today, this is something rather personal! Yesterday while waiting for the launch of Netflix I got an E-Mail that the original Dragon Quest is available for Smartphones, making it the first time that this game makes it to Europe since its original release in 1986.

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CSS levels up: the HWB colour model

HWB is short for “Hue, Whiteness, Blackness” and is a new colour space format, which is now proposed in the current CSS Colours Module Level 4 working draft.

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Formular One - or - How to style <select> elements

Remember those days where developers made the most amazing forms in Flash because they both had to do everything from scratch due to lack of being close to an operating system. And designers decided to put extra effort in looks in behaviour because of … design?

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Lesser known Grunt.js features: Renaming of files

Recently I had to deploy some static sites for some client, whose server didn’t allow to automatically redirect to index.html when accessing a directory. It had to be named index.php for whatever reason.

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Gulp, Sass, Autoprefixer, Sourcemaps!

Update 2016/02: This is old. This might not be up to date anymore!

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