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Formular One - or - How to style <select> elements

Remember those days where developers made the most amazing forms in Flash because they both had to do everything from scratch due to lack of being close to an operating system. And designers decided to put extra effort in looks in behaviour because of … design?

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Lesser known Grunt.js features: Renaming of files

Recently I had to deploy some static sites for some client, whose server didn’t allow to automatically redirect to index.html when accessing a directory. It had to be named index.php for whatever reason.

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Gulp, Sass, Autoprefixer, Sourcemaps!

Update 2016/02: This is old. This might not be up to date anymore!

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Last Saturday the very first developer conference of Linz was held at the Ars Electronica Center. A place I haven’t visited for 10 years. It was called and was the international spin-off of a Turkish event held last year.

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noPrefixes flag in Modernizr

More than half a year ago I had some little rant on why we should drop using vendor prefixes as a whole. Main points were:

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Create manageable Sass components (to use with Bower, etc.)

Having a set of reusable and ready software components is a great thing. And for a multitude of reasons, like ensuring DRY development or boosting efficiency. A software component is a self contained unit of program code which can be accessed only by a defined interface. Or like Berkely University puts it:

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Remake, Remodel! Part Three: How to switch from Wordpress to Jekyll

Even tough I was pretty satisfied with my old blog, and especially its design, I felt the need to go into another round of updating not only the look, but more importantly the system behind it. So, even if everything looks shiny and new (more likely: crappy), this is all about the nuts and bolts behind the content: Converting your blog from Wordpress to Jekyll

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The magic of grunt-contrib-connect, and how to run PHP with it

Note: This article is rather old. If you want to know more about `connect`, proceed, if you just want to have a PHP sever with livereload for your Grunt or Gulp setup, go there

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Topconf Tallinn 2013

Last week I attended Topconf in Tallinn, Estonia. It was my very first time in Estonia and also my first time at a conference which wasn't targeted to web developers or designers. Instead, it was a software conference which appealed both hardcore coders and project managers.

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Content vs. value

Title's for all content strategists out there who expect something really meta and with a lot of additional bla bla. Well, this is about HTML Content vs. Input Values.

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