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My new book: TypeScript in 50 Lessons

Stefan Baumgartner

Written by @ddprrt

Posted in TypeScript, Books

I’ve written a new book! On October 6, the pre-release of TypeScript in 50 Lessons started. It’s 450 pages, published by the wonderful people at Smashing Magazine, and available to read right now! The printed version is being produced as I write, and will be shipping in mid-November.

It’s what it says on the cover: TypeScript. 50 Lessons. All you need to know to become an expert in TypeScript. TypeScript in 50 Lessons has been written with longevity in mind. We focus on the type system and give you a mental model so you are prepared for all future TypeScript releases. And this is how it came to be…

Go Preact! ❤️

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this in JavaScript and TypeScript

Posted in TypeScript, JavaScript

TypeScript and ECMAScript Modules

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TypeScript + React: Why I don't use React.FC

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TypeScript + React: Component patterns

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New Guide: Advanced TypeScript

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TypeScript: Augmenting global and lib.dom.d.ts

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