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TypeScript + React: Why I don't use React.FC

Stefan Baumgartner

Written by @ddprrt

Posted in TypeScript, React, Preact

In my recent article on TypeScript and React component patterns I’ve stated that I don’t use the built-in type React.FC<> but rather be explicit with typing children. I didn’t state why, and it sparked some interest. That’s why I want to elaborate a little bit.

Please note that this is just an opinion, not a suggestion or anything else. If you like to use React.FC and it works for you, please continue to do so! That’s totally fine and sometimes I do so as well! And let’s be serious: There are different problems out there that need discussion and are more enough a reason to get angry. So don’t waste your time getting too emotional about code styles. But if you like to get new ideas, please continue!

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