I'm Stefan Baumgartner, I'm a web developer/web lover based in Linz, Austria. Currently I'm employed at Dynatrace, making the web a faster place. I write, speak and organise events all around software development and web technologies. Nice to meet you!

Me, at Devone 2018
Me, at Devone 2018, holding an imaginary wall


Other than my humble blog, I also contributed to a couple of magazines. Together with my friends from Working Draft I contributed a regular column to Screenguide. I also had a couple of articles there.

Me, at Devone 2017
Writing before Devone 2017 is about to start

Notable contributions include:

In 2017, I published my first book: Front-End Tooling with Gulp, Bower and Yeoman at Manning. I was super happy to be given such a chance, and I think the book turned out pretty well. It was a long journey and I thought I'll never write one again. But I feel the itch again.


From time to time I speak at events. Conferences, meetups, you name it. I try not to have a tight schedule and spend most time at home, but there are some events I really enjoy contributing to. You can find a (mostly complete) list of my talks with resources at this page.

Me, at Technologieplauscherl
Giving a talk at Technologieplauscherl. I have only one shirt.

There are some talks and videos I want to point out:

  • Mobile Browser Games, Great Expectations - The talk that got me into public speaking and one that I had the change to present a couple of times all over the world. Mobile browsers were a pain back then. I had a ton of fun with this talk!
  • JavaScript build pipelines with Gulp - A live coding university session all about Gulp. I toured a bit to show Gulp around back then, all leading to my front-end tooling book. This video is the pinnacle of this tour, resulting in a 2.5 hour complete course. Gulp might not be so popular anymore, but there's some good stuff about Node.js streams in there.
  • Speed Index, explained - Speed Index is a wonderful metric, but sometimes hard to grasp. In this talk I show how Speed Index is calculated and point out the great and not so great things. I gave this talk just once... could think about a revival.
  • HTTP/2 is coming, unbundle all the things? - My first and only JSConf appearance where I had the chance to tell everyone how HTTP/2 works. And what it means for JS developers. Loved it. Also got a ton of good ratings. Thank you!

I also did some talks in German(-ish)... one of my favourites is TypeScript oddities. Would love to do that in English some time!


Last, but not least, the big passion: Organising events for the tech community. Especially in my home town Linz. Here are some highlights.

Me, at Technologieplauscherl
On stage at my very own conference. ScriptConf

Technologieplauscherl and Stahlstadt.js

My home town Linz has a vibrant tech community. There are tons of meetups for every niche. Ranging from .NET over Java (eJUG - the oldest meetup in Austria), up to infrastucture. I (co-)organise two of those meetups: Technologieplauscherl and Stahlstadt.js.

The first one -- Technologieplauscherl -- is a general tech meetup with tons of different topics and mostly in German. We run it 10 times a year at variing locations. Topics range from new programming languages to agile development. But we also had talks on DNA analysis and technical writing.

Food and drinks is always sponsored by caring companies from the scene. We somehow managed to get an annual BBQ where we welcome up to 250 guests. Cheers!

Stahlstadt.js on the other hand is a true JavaScript meetup, in English and with much more specific topics. My friend Sebastian and I took over after the original organisers left town, and run it 4-5 times a year.

Stahlstadt.js' speciality are the long running discussions after and between talks. Some meetups lasted up until 2am (thanks to our hosts!), and we even had inflluence on the Ghost blogging platform in their decision to switch from Backbone to Ember.

I love both meetups dearly and enjoy organising them. Hats off to my wonderful co-organisers. Without them this wouldn't be possible.


Devone is a developers and ops conference organised by a team within the company I work for: Dynatrace. We wanted to have a very specialised conference with great speakers and amazing food. And I think we did really well. The best thing is to have such creative minds around. People like Hartwig and Katrin do their best to get the tone and style just right. Best branded conference in the world? I'd say so! Check out the after show video:


Ah, ScriptConf! Sebastian and I decided after a couple of Stahlstadt.js meetups, that a JavaScript conference in Linz would be really nice. There were some tech conferences which had some JS relation, but I think we wanted to go one step beyond. We wanted to celebrate our great community, and have great food, amazing speakers and a wonderful atmosphere!

I guess Stahlstadt.js was one of the first, if not the first after work conference. Strategically placed between work on Friday and family on Saturday. Allowing everyone a smooth welcome at 1pm, and celebrating way into the night. And we did! Especially our speakers!

We continued the formular from 2017 in 2018... and now we are making plans for the next edition. Stay tuned!


If you want to get in touch with me, just shoot an E-Mail, or just shoot a tweet. I'm happy to answer to any issue as soon as I can!

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