Newsletter #15: TypeScript Cookbook, Web Apps in Rust, Rust for Java devs

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Hello, everyone! 👋

First newsletter in 2023, and I have some news for you! The last few months for me have been full of TypeScript, and the results are soon to be released! Also, there are some conference appearances and more about Rust!

– Stefan

The TypeScript Cookbook - First Milestone #

This week I finished the first draft of The TypeScript Cookbook. The first draft of the entire book. Right now, it contains 105 lessons and over 100.000 words. It’s packed with details, solutions, and hands-on advice. I was surprised by how much TypeScript content is still in me, and I’m very proud of how the book turned out.

So if you ask yourself why I haven’t written that much on my blog lately, that’s the reason. I’ve been writing daily, but most of it has been for the TypeScript Cookbook.

In the TypeScript Cookbook, I focus on practical advice, targetting problems that you will encounter when working with TypeScript for quite a while. No esoteric type foo, but scenarios that stem from real-world problems. You can consume each lesson on its own, or read it like a novel from start to finish.

It’s a perfect companion piece to TypeScript in 50 Lessons, and I can’t wait until you get your hands on it.

Currently, it’s with my editors for feedback. The original publishing date is October 2023, let’s see if we can move that forward. If you’re interested, check out The O’Reilly Website, it’s currently in Early Release.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Static Type-Checking for JavaScript #

I will be in Ghent in March for NG-BE. I will do a workshop on TypeScript with all the nitty gritty bits that go beyond basic typing, and I will do a talk called The Lies We Tell Ourselves Using TypeScript. It will be a story about all the trade-offs TypeScript has to do, to be a productive tool on top of JavaScript. Some of it might surprise you. If you are in Belgium and interested in Angular, check out the conference. I look forward to meeting many new people, and also to connecting with some old friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Rust For Curious Developers - Hessen JUG Edition #

I do another round of my popular talk Rust for Curious Developers. This time in German for the Hessen JUG. I love giving this talk, and it looks like there’s a lot of demand coming from Java folks. I haven’t done Java in ages but work with a lot of Java developers. It’s nice to see that folks want to get impressions from beyond their own noses!

Video Web Apps in Rust #

There’s a 2.5-hour recording from my virtual workshop with Shuttle. In this live-coding session, I’m converting a simple Express.js App to Rust, pointing out all the differences between the languages. I also discuss the pros and cons, and we even find a situation that would have caused problematic behavior without Rust’s wonderful type system and error checks. Check out the video here.

Wrap-Up! #

That’s it for today. I hope you had an enjoyable February. I’m coming back in a few weeks with more news! I got something cooking 😎


– Stefan

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