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Hi folks!

In the last two years, I spent a lot of time working with Serverless platforms. This is one of my main topics, this is also a topic that brought me to Rust! In this edition of my newsletter, I want to give you a couple of resources I found.

I also want to talk about doing online workshops. While I found the transition from in-person conferences hard, I think workshops work so much better online! My friends at Smashing found that out as well, and their workshop line-up is stellar! Be sure to check it out!

If you’re here for the TypeScript content, check out the “new articles” section. I deconstructed Deno piece by piece and found some interesting insights!

Cheers, Stefan

Workshops #

During this summer I have given a couple of online workshops. There was a private, 3-day training on The Rust Programming Language which was very well received, as well as an open workshop on TypeScript with the fine folks at Smashing.

The Smashing Workshop

The workshop with Smashing was particularly great, as the format was 5 days with 2.5 hours each, over the course of 3 weeks. This allowed for very focused sessions, homework, exercises, and nice discussions given the limited timeframe. I guess participants got the most out of it. There are people asking for a reprise, so if you like to join someday, join the waiting list here.

I’m thinking of doing an introduction to Rust in a similar style. Either together with a provider or on my own. Definitely at a reasonable price. If you’re interested, please let me know and register your interest here – as always: I only use your mail for communication and won’t sell it to others, nor do you get mails for something you haven’t signed up for.

If you want to go to a public workshop, and you’re capable of speaking German, you can go to

  • bettercode.eu. I give a talk about Serverless Rust and hold a workshop on Network applications using the Tokio stack.
  • Rust Summit. I do two workshops, one on Idiomatic Rust and one on Network applications using the Tokio stack.

See you!

New articles #

I’ve written a couple of articles on Rust in the last couple of days.

  • Error handling in Rust. How does Error handling in Rust work and why is it so fantastic?
  • Enums to wrap errors. A nice pattern on handling multiple errors
  • Dissecting Deno. How does Deno work under the hood? What are the JavaScript (TypeScript) parts, what are the Rust parts? How can you extend and change the runtime to your needs?

Cinema #

The fettblog.eu cinema. Techflix and conference talks that I found helpful and interesting!

4 Steps from JavaScript to TypeScript - My buddy Phil has given an excellent talk on how to migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript. Including Live Coding!

Wasm Snapshots for fast startups - Nick Fitzgerald works on WebAssembly for Fastly, and he shows us what they do to make Wasm startups super fast. I spent some time digging into WebAssembly, and I found this talk to be delightful!

Serverless Rust - I gave a talk on how you can use Rust for Azure Functions and AWS Lambda. The core is however detailing the differences between both Serverless platforms

  • Making JavaScript run fast on WebAssembly - Connected to Nick’s talk, the one, and only Lin Clark tells us what it needs to run JavaScript on WebAssembly. Yes, you heard right. Not WebAssembly in JavaScript, but vice versa. As always, she uses code cartoons to illustrate the process. A delightful read!

  • Cloud computing without Containers - This is an older talk, but there are some nice images and a good explanation on how Serverless without containers would work. The answer: Isolates! Good read!

That’s it for today! #

Hope you enjoyed this edition as well. Upcoming articles: AWS Lambda and Azure Functions, what are the differences (wanted to get that out for a long, long time!).


– Stefan

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