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Plumbin' Pipelines with Gulp.js (Workshop)

15 January 2017 by @ddprrt | Posted in: conferences, gulp

Now that my book is out, I dug up an old workshop I held almost one and a half years ago in Belgium at Devoxx. Devoxx is a special type of conference, unlike any other conference I’ve ever seen. And speaking at a cinema definitely is one of the things that get stuck with you. Anyways, here’s the 2 hour course (the rest of the show is a little off topic, intentionally), which is about 75% of the Gulp chapters in live coding. Enjoy:

And of course, there are some slides available. You can also find them on Speakerdeck.

As said before, this the nitty gritty, the gist. Some programming patterns, while the full deal is available in my book at Manning.

Me again. The Gulp, Yeoman, Bower book is pretty sweet. Just saying.

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