I write books! Not many, but I do! So far I published two books, with many more ideas on the shelf

Published books

TypeScript in 50 Lessons

Cover of TypeScript in 50 lessons

Publisher Smashing Magazine

Published October 2020

Languages English

I've teamed up with the fine folks from Smashing Magazine to produce a TypeScript book that brings newcomers from apprentice to master, and has a thorough deep-dive of the type system for experienced TypeScript developers.

Programming books have a tendency to become outdated very quickly. The moment you hold the printed version in your hands, the world has moved on and parts are out of date, or important lessons are left out. When I set out to write this book, my most important goal was that it had to be timeless. TypeScript gets at least two major releases a year, so there are new features and changes on certain aspects of the programming language.

That’s why we focus on the long-lasting aspects of the type system. The main way to program will be JavaScript; TypeScript will work as an additional type layer describing the behavior of our code. This is also aligned with the way the TypeScript team designs their upcoming work. After reading this book, you will immediately understand what new features are about.

We also tried to do something new, something maybe unseen with programming books. As we feature lots of code examples, we wanted to create an editor like feel when looking at code examples. Red squigglies when it errors, and beautiful syntax highlighting to make everything wonderfully legible.

This book is TypeScript for humans, so I want to give you the most human introduction to the programming language. The wonderful artwork by Rob Draper reflects this playful, gentle approach to teaching a highly technical topic.

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Front-End Tooling with Gulp, Bower, and Yeoman

Cover of Front-End Tooling

Publisher Manning

Published November 2016

Languages English, Chinese

Based upon my articles and workshops on Gulp, I was invited by Manning to write a book on Front-End Tooling. It was one of the best-selling Early Access books Manning has produced!

Even though the tools might not be as interesting anymore as they were a couple of years ago, the techniques of streams, of a proper build pipeline, and of scaffolding still hold up. The basics you learn about package management are more than important for today's world of package management. So maybe give it a shot?

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