Frequently asked questions

Here’s a list of questions I get asked a lot, and some answers.

I followed your guide in <some article of yours>, but it doesn’t work. Can you help? #

Sure! Drop me a note and I try to figure out what’s wrong. But please be as precise as possible. Add a TypeScript playground link if I should check on your types, or a demo Github repo or a gist. If I can find the problem within a reasonable timeframe spent, I’m more than happy to make sure everything in my article works with your problem as well.

One disclaimer, tough. I have articles that are more than 8 years old. Some of them rank highly in seach engines (like my Gulp articles), but they are old. It might be that they are severely outdated, so take them with a grain of salt: 🧂 It also might be that I just don’t remember anymore how things worked back then. I’m an old person and I don’t keep everything on my hard-drive. I try my best!

Cool blog! We have an article on ours that would be a perfect link from your <super ranking tech article>. Can you link to us. #

More than likely the answer is: No. If it’s effortless link juicing, the answer is definitely: No.

Do you want to write for our blog / a book for us / an online course for us? #

Yes, I’d love to! I have limited time but the time I have available I try to put into as much content as possible. Hit me with a quick gist of what your publisher or platform is up to and we do a reality check: Is this content I can produce, is it reasonably marketed on your end, can I deliver in time.

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