Newsletter #12: Is This Thing On?

Stefan Baumgartner

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Hello, everyone! 👋

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? This is the first issue I’m publishing in 2022. I’m way below the number of issues I wanted to publish, but there have been several reasons for it. You know how it is with New Year’s resolutions. They are meant to be thrown overboard.

So, while I haven’t written that much on my blog or here, I have been very busy. Both with my TypeScript efforts and with my Rust efforts. I’m here to give you a little insight into what is happening.


The TypeScript Cookbook #

I’m writing another book on TypeScript! O’Reilly has reached out to me to do one of their cookbooks. It will feature entirely new content and works as both a sequel and addendum to TypeScript in 50 Lessons. Check out my announcement post

Mastodon #

I’ve registered with Mastodon exactly six years ago. A week ago I started using it a lot more, and I love the experience. You can connect with me here!

Rust for the Curious Developers #

I keep rambling about Rust for quite a while now and like to share where this excitement comes from. So I’m giving an intro to “Rust for curious developers”:

First, quite an extensive 80-minute session with the folks from Frontend Rhein-Main in English.

Second, A much terser version with the people from devjobs.at in German-ish

The TLDR: For me, it made programming fun again

Trials, Traits, and Tribulations #

I spoke at the first EuroRust conference in Berlin. My talk was called “Trials, Traits, and Tribulations”.

I take a piece of spaghetti code and refactor it to something more readable and more maintainable while honoring the unique features of Rust’s type system. Check out the video on YouTube

Polymorphism Unbound #

Polymorphism Unbound by Bruce Eckel from this year’s Strange Loop.

The talk is about all possible ways of polymorphism, and what polymorphism looks like in different languages.

And it’s just that. Still, after 40 minutes of looking at this variety, you understand what it’s all about. Loved this talk!

Twitter, when the wall came down #

Bryan Cantrill is writing about the impact the recent buy-out of Twitter will have on the platform. Interesting read!

stc #

The creator of the Speedy Web Compiler swc builds a fast type checker in Rust. You can find the project on GitHub. I think Danny is a phenomenal developer and I’m really curious about how this will turn out. Yet, I’m skeptical if he can keep up with TypeScript’s busy roadmap.

See you next time #

Thank you for reading the latest issue. I hope you enjoy it and we see each other soon!

– Stefan

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