Newsletter #13: Rust for JavaScript Developers

Stefan Baumgartner

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Hello, everyone! 👋

Welcome to a new edition of my little newsletter, with updates on my current projects, upcoming talks, and workshops, as well as interesting stuff that I found on the internet! Enjoy!


Rust for JavaScript Developers #

I have some exciting news. I’ve teamed up with the people from shuttle.rs to do a three-hour workshop all about Rust. It is designed for JavaScript developers, and we take an existing Express.js application and port it to Rust. I will take you from scaffolding a new project up to deploying your app. By staying on familiar ground (the app) I will guide you through all of Rust’s concepts like ownership and borrowing, error handling, and concurrency, and will show you the maturity of the eco-system.

At the end of this session, you will understand where and when to use Rust, and if Rust is a good tool for your work.

Check it out here: https://workshop.shuttle.rs

Update on the TypeScript cookbook #

I just send 8 and a half chapters of the TypeScript cookbook to my editor. If you want to know the current state, I posted an intermediate table of contents on Mastodon. I expect to be done with the final manuscript early next year!

Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - one library at a time #

My friend Marvin has written a fantastic article on JavaScript performance. Why switch to a new language and ecosystem if a few small changes will speed up your software tremendously? I smell a conference talk here!

Check out Marvin’s blog

JavaScript is Scheme #

I stumbled upon Yulia Startsev’s personal website, which is a proof of concept that JavaScript syntax can be written and read like Scheme. Check out Yulia’s website and look at the examples. They run (with a library) but are valid JavaScript code. There is no language parser involved, just a few function calls. This is so much fun, I rarely spent so much time with a personal website.

See you next time #

Thank you for reading the latest issue. I hope you enjoy it and we see each other soon!

– Stefan

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