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Stefan Baumgartner

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Hi folks 👋

I hope all of you are well. In some parts of the world, you might celebrate Thanksgiving now. Others, like here in Austria, celebrate Total-Lockdown-End-of-Second-Week. Which is also an event where we eat way too much.

Whatever you’re celebrating: Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones. 2020 draws a close, let’s hope for a much better 2021.

New on fettblog.eu #

Tidy TypeScript – Tidy TypeScript is a series of articles providing elegant, unobtrusive coding guidelines. This series is very opinionated, and there might be lots of people disagreeing with me on certain points. That’s fine. It’s just an opinion. Maybe you find it useful, maybe it gives you some food for thought on how to design your TypeScript code. Enjoy!

It’s here! TypeScript in 50 Lessons #

I wrote a book! On TypeScript! It’s called TypeScript in 50 Lessons and is an introduction to the language and its type system. Newcomers will find a gentle guide to level up their JavaScript code. Advanced users get a deep and thorough deep dive into the type system.

TypeScript in 50 Lessons - Photo by Marc Thiele

It was a long journey to the book, and I’m grateful that I was joined by the wonderful people from Smashing Magazine. Together, we created a book that is different than other tech books. A very human approach to learning a new programming language. It’s a book you want to explore. And the art by the one and only Rob Draper makes the whole book approachable and tangible.

Check out the table of contents and the sample chapter on the book’s website. We set out to make a TypeScript book that lasts for ages. And I think we succeeded!

Read more on the creation process of the book and what to expect over at fettblog.

Also, Smashing Magazine has free shipping worldwide, and you can access the e-Books right after ordering in all available formats! Check it out!

TypeScript docs for Preact.js #

You might know how much I love using Preact.js. It has the same API as React, but it feels so lightweight and much more approachable than its original counterpart. It also has TypeScript types built-in. That’s why I contributed a full TypeScript guide to the official Preact.js docs. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Upcoming talks #

There are two talks upcoming that I want to share with you:

  • December 1st: Together with Michael Hladky we try to design robust types for his rx-angular library. It’s called “The art and craft of type development
  • December 17th: There will be another edition of Rust Linz, a meetup I’m co-organizing. Since I’m super new to Rust, I’m going to show a way how I learned the programming language through exercism.io.

Upcoming in the cinema #

I have a huge backlog of tech talks in my YouTube cinema playlist that I want to share with you. One talk that I enjoyed recently was Rob Pike on Simplicity regarding the design of the Go programming language. It’s a rather short talk, but Rob is an excellent speaker and gives you a ton of great insights.

Rob Pike - Simplicity is Complicated #

That’s it for today #

As my book is published I’m back to writing again. Gladly, I missed writing new articles for my blog! Right now I have a couple of topics on my mind, let’s see what materializes next!

Btw, if this is the first newsletter you get, there might be some old ones in your Spam folder! Big thanks to my buddy Sebastian who fixed some spam-related problems for me. I will put up an archive on fettblog.eu for the old issues. Stay tuned!

See you around 👋

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