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Happy New Year everyone 🎉

It’s 2021! Let’s make it a great year altogether! I want to thank everybody who has subscribed to my little blog updates recently. I’m deeply flattered!

I have a couple of announcements for the first edition of 2021. It’s a lot about TypeScript. A lot about talking! I’m back into the business of public speaking, and there are some nice events coming up.

Enjoy the newsletter!

New on fettblog.eu #

Tidy TypeScript - now for real! Oopsie! Unfortunately, I linked the wrong article in the last newsletter. The link is now correct and should lead you to an overview of all “Tidy TypeScript” articles. There’s a new one: Name your generics!

Upcoming speaking appearances #

Yes, I’m speaking again! I have some nice talks lined up that might interest you. They are mostly about TypeScript. I’m going to talk about development practices and the type system. This is going to be fun!

All talks are virtual and will be recorded!

January 12, 2020 - NG Leipzig - Low maintenance type development – That’s today! I’m speaking at NG Leipzig about how to create types that don’t require too much maintenance. Nothing is more boring than updating all your types when data changes over the course of time. In this talk, I’m refactoring a set of models into types that maintain and update themselves! The event is free. A recording will be available on YouTube.

January 27, 2020 - Contributing.today - An evening of Rust – I’m incredibly honored to be MCing the Rust edition of contributing.today. We welcome Nell Shamrell-Harrington and Ryan Levick from Microsoft for a nice and welcoming chat about this exciting new programming language. Btw. I’m very fond of Rust, and think about doing some articles on that topic. Let me know if that interests you! The event is free and will be recorded.

January 29, 2020 - NDC London - The Art and Craft of Type Development – I’m speaking at this year’s edition of NDC London on my process of creating new, advanced utility types. I’m solving some of the more advanced problems that involve string literal types and recursive conditional types. Showing you that the type system of TypeScript has become its own, flexible functional programming language.

February 23, 2020 - Laravel Worldwide Meetups - Dynamic static typing – The Laravel community has invited me to show the intricacies of TypeScript’s type system. If you want to level-up your skills and go from novice to intermediate and advanced TypeScript, be sure to check out this talk! I’m very flattered to be exploring a new community. I always love finding out how other communities work and what challenges they face. Looking forward to it!

Btw… #

And of course, there’s still this little piece:

TypeScript in 50 Lessons - Photo by Marc Thiele

Podcast appearances #

I have been guest in two podcasts recently:

Smashing Podcast - What is TypeScript - with Drew McLallan. A nice chat about TypeScript and what are – in my opinion – it’s most important featues.

devmode.fm - Why you should adopt TypeScript – A funny chat with the devmode folks on why TypeScript is important even for people who want to stick with JavaScript.

Upcoming in the cinema #

I just added this video by Bryan Cantrill to the cinema. It’s about “Ethical Dilemmas in Software Engineering” and one of the most important videos I’ve seen so far. Also one of Bryan’s best talks.

Bryan Cantrill - Ethical Dilemmas in Software Engineering

That’s it for today #

Thank you all for subscribing and reading today’s issue. I hope it was worth it. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, write an e-mail or ping me on Twitter.

See you around 👋

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