Introduction to WAGI

Introduction to WAGI

Stefan Baumgartner

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Rainer Stropek and I are organizing the Rust Linz meetup. For the March edition we were short a talk, so Rainer and I jumped in to talk about WAGI, the WebAssembly Gateway Interface. I already did some content on WASI and WAGI before, so I reassembled my slides. Rainer created a ton of new examples which are just fantastic. Be sure to check them out!

It was a nice little gig, and there is so much to like about WAGI. Party like it’s 1996!


  • All Examples

    A GitHub repo with all the examples from Rainer. Including a walkthrough if you want to do them on your own

  • Krustlet

    Running Wasm workloads on Kubernetes

  • WAGI

    The main repo for WAGI

  • Introducing WAGI

    WAGI on the Deislabs blog

  • CGI 1.1 RFC

    The original RFC from the IETF for the common gateway interface

  • WASI

    A post by Lin Clark on WASI

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