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My most favorite talks in 2015

12 December 2015 by @ddprrt | Posted in:

I enjoy being at conferences, however I can’t be on all of them. Which is sad, because judging from all the videos one misses a lot! Turns out, my most favorite talks were all from conferences I haven’t been to. The organizers however are kind enough to provide amazing videos for us:

Jake Archibald: Modern Progressive Enhancement

Jake Archibald gives a wonderful and funny performance showing the manifold advantages his latest brain-child has to offer: Service Workers. This thing will most likely be one of the new best practices we have to incorporate in every website from now on.

Vasilis van Gemert: Look, no mediaqueries!

“Look, no mediaqueries” is a way to humble title for this talk. Vasilis shows individual and fresh layout techniques which can be a achieved with a few lines of CSS. This goes way beyond the boring stereotypical website layout we see every day. Still, his techniques are so universally usable that you might incorporate them in any layout challenge you might face.

Mark Robbins: Punched card coding – Javascript functionality with CSS

Progressively enhanced online shop in HTML E-Mails. You don’t need to know more.

Franziska Hinkelmann: A Trip to the Zoo: SpiderMonkey, SquirrelFish, Nashorn, V8

Franziska gives wonderful insights on how JavaScript engines work under the hood. With lots and lots of demos she shows how subtle changes in code can make a big difference in execution.

Kornel Lesiński: And .then() what? Promise programming patterns

In his talk, Kornel shows that Promises are not only good for avoiding the dreaded callback hell, but also allow for some sweet programming patterns. Being able to “work” with values that haven’t arrived yet makes our code much more robust and flexible.

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